About us

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We are Tom and Rowan Smedley, two professional chefs (and brothers) who have a passion for fresh pasta. For us, Forkful is all about offering you restaurant quality food to eat in the comfort of your own home.

We love recreating classic dishes while putting our own take on others. Our aim is to offer something new each week and for you to be as excited about fresh pasta as we are.

Our pasta fillings and sauces are made using the best, local, ethical produce we can find. We use fresh seasonal vegetables, while our meat comes from the highest standard of animal welfare to help guarantee quality, flavour and delicious meals.

We will always offer one meat and one vegetarian (occasionally vegan) option on our menus. Once a dish has gone you’re unlikely to see it again for a while.

We take orders through the week for delivery on Friday and Saturday, during the rest of the week we’re out sourcing ingredients, tasting and prepping.

We hope that you enjoy our dishes and that they become a highlight in your week or whenever you order.

Tom and Rowan

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